Cooking with gr-ocery

Caper Martini

Martini is one of the most popular and oldest mixed drinks in the history of cocktails. The word martini appears next to hundreds of cocktails and many of them don’t even come close to a classic martini.

A classic martini is a simple mixed drink with gin and vermouth.

Like many of the classic cocktails, its origins are lost over time. The most popular theory suggests that the martini evolved from the Martinez cocktail, which was created around 1880 in Martinez, California, and which originated from Manhattan cocktail.
There are too many variations of this classic cocktail, but the most popular options are:


          Vodka or Gin

          Stirred or Shaken

          Vermouth Ratio (Wet, Dry, Reverse, Montgomery’s)

          Garnish (Lemon or Olive)


The most popular variations of this classy classic cocktail are:


          Dirty Martini (With olive brine)

          Gibson (With pickled onion)

          Vesper Martini (Gin, Vodka, Lillet)

          Churchill Martini (No Vermouth)


The gr-ocery team created a twist of Dirty Martini with Mediterranean flavours. 



Place all the ingredients in a large glass and add ice.
Stir for 30-35 seconds and serve in a chilles cocktail glass.
Garnish with a caper leaf.
We can serve it with various pickles of our choice, it also goes perfectly with seafood.