Aloades was founded in 2017 with the experience and know-how of three generations of olive growers, with respect to tradition, with a commitment to consistency, professionalism and adherence to strict standards.
The aim is to promote premium virgin olive oils and the traditional Greek diet in the modern way of life. Modern methods of cultivation, harvesting, production and standardization are applied, based on the strictest standards of the International Olive Council that ensure the excellent quality of the products. Standardization is done in extremely quality packaging, non-refillable (Bruni Glass Dorica 500 Top VA), with added nitrogen, to ensure a long shelf life, and by extension expiration date and maintenance of freshness and beneficial ingredients of olive oils.
The extra virgin olive oils Aloades have unique organoleptic characteristics, rich taste, fruity aromas, polyphenols and antioxidants, with significant benefits to human physical and mental health.