Giorgios Athanasiadis & Chara Mangana having finished their studies in natural sciences, environmental physics and art, they decided to leave town and relocate to Euboea Island with its breathtaking nature and rich biodiversity. 
Therefore, in 2013, using a combination of traditional knowledge and science they set up their laboratory and put their motto ‘enclosing nature’ into practice. To create a product line with 100% natural ingredients that encloses the beneficial and the healing intelligence of nature.
Their products are a mix of unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic apiculture products, plant and herbal extracts, and essential oils. Bee Naturalles’ production depends upon nature’s seasonality and prolificacy.
Bee Naturalles participates in the Program: “Identification of Greek royal jelly and bee pollen. Definition of quality criteria.’ [Kan (EK) No 1234/2007] of the Laboratory of Beekeeping, AUTH.
Bee Naturalles organic bee products have been awarded for their quality and excellent taste at the International Great Taste Awards. They have been honored with awards as the world’s top organic honeys by Biolmiel, with 1st gold award at the Gourmet Exhibition Specialist Awards, as the first selected honey from the Museum of Greek Gastronomy, as superior honey by LE MONDE etc.