Agriculturist Dimitris Garofallos founded MARMARO olive oil in 2017 in Polygyros, Chalkidiki. It is produced from “Chondroelia of Chalkidiki” variety. This kind of olive oil has low acidity but it is full of polyphenols (antioxidants) which are beneficial for health and can prevent illnesses.
Marmaro is an award-winning extra virgin olive oil, product of a family business. The cultivation of this sacred tree and its fruit started eighty years ago in a place, which was called Marmaro (means marble in Greek) and was located between the villages of Olynthos and Kalyves, in Chalkidiki. Olives are gathered at our irrigated olive groves, which are taken care for a year in order to produce Agoureleo (early harvest olive oil from unripe olives). Their rich, yearly experience and respect to the olive trees has made MARMARO Olive Oil the best product of its kind.



Αward-winning extra virgin olive oil.