Salt Odyssey is an innovative and award-winning company that focuses on exports, active in the field of healthy and organic products. The production is focused on natural, edible, gourmet salts. It was founded in 2008, with its base in Thessaloniki and its roots in the shops and laboratory in which healthy food is produced that operate in the city as early as 1982.
The soul of the company are two friends, Marios Karaslidis and Charis Sionas, who explain how the “Odyssey”, the famous Homeric epic, symbolises the journey of discovering new flavours, colours and aromas. 
As they point out, Salt Odyssey’s main aim and commitment is, following the triptych “natural”, “healthy” and “special”, to supply consumers with products of exceptional quality, while achieving the perfect relationship between quality and price. The luxurious packaging of products, the wide variety, the originality of recipes and flavours, combined with affordable prices, is a guarantee of success.