Stelvia Hellas is one of the only companies that cover the entire turnover related to stevia – cultivation, production, drying, packaging and marketing of Greek stevia. The company’s goal is to improve eating habits , through the disclosure of the stevia plant in its 100% natural, dried form. To meet its goals, it is supported by an excellent team of modern growers with a research and production department, so that the final product comes to the consumer in a completely natural form. The stevia of Stelvia Hellas is cultivated by Greek producers in privately owned areas, in the areas of Karditsa and Lokrida.
Because the soils of stevia are originally acidic and sandy during the first three months, stevia is grown in greenhouses. At the same time, due to its sensitivity, the plant is not susceptible to many pesticides.
Shortly before flowering, the plant is harvested by hand and as soon as the leaves are collected, they are dried naturally , through the sun, in special storage facilities. Then, according to HACCP standards , whole sheets are packaged or finely chopped and placed in immersion sachets, either as a single product,or in combination with other herbs, such as green and black Ceylon tea.