The food company “Tasteful Marinos”, producer of the wide range of frozen products “The Nisiotika”, faithfully keeping the tradition of islander Greek cuisine, is introducing a new series of natural condiments named: “Topos” to all who choose a dietary and careful diet as well as to vegetarians and fully vegans. By combining the pure Mediterranean diet with the high nutritional value of vegetarian cuisine, we have created a series of condiments that do not just impress the lovers of this genre, but also the most ardent supporter of “panfagia”.
These condiments are based on certified organic soy and fresh vegetables that are characterized by much less fat and a total lack of any raw ingredient of animal origin. Characteristics that make them unique, for those who care for their diet, vegetarians, but also for those who are fasting or are intolerant to products such as egg. These claims are fully confirmed by the positive recognition of this range by some of the leading dieticians in Greece.
Finally a very important fact is that this family of products is available in pasteurized form away from freezers, in a glass jar with a shelf lifespan of 8 months. 



Wide range of frozen products