Cooking with gr-ocery

Stuffed Vine Leaves (Dolmas from Kasos island)

The stuffed vine leaves (dolmas) from Kasos island stand out mainly for their size. Half a vine leaf is used for each dolma instead of one vine leaf as usual. The stuffed vine leaves from Kasos island are always made with minced meat and have a light taste without many spices.



Add the onions, tomatoes, rice, salt and pepper and the lemon powder in a bowl and mix.
Cut the vine leaves in half. Wrap the mixture with the vine leaves, about 1 teaspoon for each dolma.
Place the dolmas in layers in a saucepan. The dolmas should be wrapped tightly and have no gaps between them in the pot. Add 3 glasses of water, olive oil and butter. Cover with a few vine leaves and place a plate and something heavy on top so that they do not open.
Simmer for about 40 minutes. Towards the end, add the lemon.
Serve with yogurt.